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Investment Process Summary

Securities Screening Graphic

Securities Screening

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Investment theme research

Top-down macro factors

Bottom-up corporate factors

Looking for macro exposure based on monetary and business cycles and on corporate exposure segmented as follows:

Undervalued Growth

Dividend Increase


Strategic Assets

Securities Master List Icon

Securities Master List

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Expected return

Expected holding
period return

Opportunity cost

Each security is allocated to one of several investment strategy (corporate exposure type) and one or several investment themes.

Portfolio Construction Icon

Portfolio construction procedure

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Diversification and weighting scheme based on:

Industry sectors


Corporate exposure type

Investment theme

Start with equal weight then:

Optimized based on risk/return and opportunity cost scores of each securities

Output are model portfolios matching the different investment mandates

Real Time Portfolio Monitoring Icon

Real Time Portfolio Monitoring

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Risk exposure analysis

Performance contribution

Profit & Loss analysis

Performance contribution

Performance attribution (benchmarked portfolios)

Assessment of portfolio performance vs its model portfolio goals.

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