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Philippe Comby, CFA®, FRM
Managing Member, Co-Founder

A seasoned veteran of the financial services industry, Philippe has amassed more than 25 years of experience in the business. As a Chartered Financial Analyst, he has the necessary skills for high-level, specialized asset-management responsibilities, including security analysis, portfolio management and business reporting. He also holds the professional designation of Financial Risk Manager, often considered the globally recognized gold standard for professionals who assess the potential risks of markets, investments and transactions.

Before cofounding Connective Portfolio Management, Philippe served as vice president and principal financial officer of The Swiss Helvetia Fund, where he was responsible for stock selection, portfolio construction and oversight of the fund’s financial reporting and regulatory filings.

Highly skilled in portfolio construction, Philippe spearheaded a systematic approach for analyzing companies in terms of competitive advantage using scenario analysis and modeling forecasts. Portfolio construction took into account specific diversification constraints of the fund and optimization by controlling systemic risk factors, analyzing risk-return characteristics of investments and integrating business cycles and liquidity cycle macro-factors into the analysis.

Previously in his career, Philippe served as senior vice president and board member of Hottinger Capital Corporation in New York, where he was responsible for investment operations for The Swiss Helvetia Fund. He also served as chief investment officer and partner at Hottinger Brothers LLC, New York, where he was responsible for $100 million in assets under management for private investors, investing globally, primarily in equities.

Philippe spent eight years as a manager of Hottinger Luxembourg SICAV, investing in US equities, equity derivatives and index futures. Recently he has served as a board member of Spineart SA. Before joining Hottinger, Philippe worked for Swiss Bank Corporation (now UBS) in Geneva, Switzerland. Philippe earned a master's degree in political science from the University of Geneva.